EDBA - Executive Doctor of Business Administration


The Executive DBA program is an advanced academic program for university graduates and working professionals wishing to pursue a progressive career in the field of business and management. The school’s international makeup provides ample opportunities for students to pursue academic topics of interest and research in-depth with an emphasis on globalization and international business.


All courses are taught entirely in English.

Program duration

Doctoral programs consist of 60 European credits and take 2 academic years of 9 months of studies to complete (up to 6 quarters). Total contact hours amount to 320. Courses and seminars are scheduled in an intensive seminar format on a bi-quarterly basis from Monday to Friday, between 9am at the earliest and 7pm at the latest.

Program structure

Students are required to complete 3 main program modules. Module 1 lays the foundation of the doctoral program, module 2 consists of hands-on teaching experience and a research methodology course, and module 3 consists of the dissertation proposal and the dissertation. Several courses are offered by visiting faculty and are scheduled in an intensive seminar format. Fostering inter-campus exchanges and networking, students are given the option to join seminar courses also at other campus locations.

Module 1: the Core Courses Program (30 credits)

  • PGCCDBA110 Quantitative Methods for Business (5)
  • PGCCDBA120 Management Information Systems (5)
  • PGCCDBA130 Business Communication (5)
  • PGCCDBA140 Advanced Sociology (5)
  • PGCCDBA150 Advanced Psychology (5)
  • PGCCDBA160 Specialization Course (5)

Module 2: the Scientific Research Program (15 credits)

  • PGCCDBA210 Integrating Global Perspectives on Instruction and Learning (5)
  • PGSRDBA210 Conducting Seminars & Workshops (5)
  • PGSRDBA220 Research Methodology (5)

Module 3: the Thesis and Dissertation Program (15 credits)

  • PGTDDBA310 Dissertation Proposal (5)
  • PGTDDBA320 Dissertation (10)

Program starting dates

Because of the modular design and flexibility of the program, students can start their studies in October, November, January, February, April, and May. Please refer to our academic calendar for the exact starting dates. Doctoral programs are offered at several campus locations. Please refer to the program schedule for an overview of the campus locations where this program is offered.


For admission, students are required to have obtained a business-related Master degree (or equivalent, or higher), to have a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience and be proficient in English. When applying, please adhere to the application procedures and guidelines.

* private international postgraduate degree (Doctor) awarded by the United International Business Schools organization (Zurich, Switzerland) upon the recommendation of the faculty of the local business school

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